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#024 - Designed To Heal (w/Jennie McLaurin)

August 26, 2021 John + Sungshim Loppnow
Presence And Practice
#024 - Designed To Heal (w/Jennie McLaurin)
Show Notes

024 - Designed To Heal (w/Jennie A. McLaurin)

A doctor and a scientist reveal how to heal relational and emotional wounds by exploring the amazing restorative processes of the body.

I had so much fun dialoguing with Jennie.  She is woman full of wisdom, faith and love.  
I think you’ll wholeheartedly enjoy this conversation.  I feel as though I gained a sister in Christ.

Our bodies are designed to heal. We fall off our bikes and skin our knees―and without effort on our part, the skin looks like new in a few days. But while our skinned knees easily heal, it can sometimes feel like our emotional and relational wounds are left gaping open, broken beyond repair. If our bodies instinctively know how to heal physical injuries, could they also help us understand how to restore painful emotional and relational ruptures?

In their groundbreaking debut book, physician Jennie McLaurin and scientist Cymbeline T. Culiat write Designed to Heal: a fascinating look at how the restorative processes of the body can model patterns we may adapt to heal the acute and chronic wounds of our social bodies. Through engaging patient stories, imaginative travels through the body’s microcellular landscapes, accessible references to current research, and reflections on the image of God, Designed to Heal offers a new perspective for healing our social divisions. By learning how the body is created with mechanisms that optimize a flourishing recovery from life’s inevitable wounds, we are given a model for hopeful, faithful, and enduring healing in all other aspects of our lives. Our wounds don’t have to have the last word.  [Taken from ]

Some info about Jennie.

She has written for MIssio Alliance and Biologos 

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