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Ed Khouri - Becoming A Face of Grace

July 09, 2021 John + Sungshim Loppnow
Presence And Practice
Ed Khouri - Becoming A Face of Grace
Show Notes

Ed Khouri

John Barclay wrote a book Paul and The Gift

The gift that one person gave another when they wanted to have an ongoing relationship with one another. The receiving of the gift was saying yes, I want to be a part of this relationship.

Grace means...

You are my favorite. 

You are special.

And, I want a relationship with you.

noun. Charis. GK: an undeserved state of divine virtue, favor or unmerited sanctification

b: the ongoing invitation to live in response to the Lord’s delight 

c: the relational and practical position we have as God’s special and favorite without earning 

verb. to dignify or raise by an act of favor; to honor.

You only get to experience grace in relationship.

Grace + Peace are 2 sides of the same word.

4 Deadly Ps

When special or favorite is missing.



(Avoiding) Pain

(Holding on to) Pleasure 

It is important to get to the root of fear.

How to tell a Face of Grace story

Think about a time you felt special when you interacted with someone. Reflect on it until you can feel it again.

What happened

What emotions did you feel

How did your body feel

Relational Spirituality

Book Ed referenced and I'm currently reading.

[Taken from Ed's website....please check it out]

Grace-based resources and experiences built to last…

What would your life be like if you saw yourself as God’s favorite? Imagine how things would change. At Equipping Hearts, the lasting concepts of our resources, trainings, and coaching are designed to 

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We center on infrastructure, not add-ons. The last thing you need is another end-all curriculum, book, or trending idea—and we know it! Our grace-based framework we share can be easily integrated into your life, leadership, small group, or organization. 

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Presence And Practice

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