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Ryan Reger - Is Profit Good? For a family business?

June 15, 2021 John + Sungshim Loppnow
Presence And Practice
Ryan Reger - Is Profit Good? For a family business?
Show Notes

022 Ryan Reger - Is Profit Good?  For a family business?

My Dad has been a part of a community called Proven Amazon Course with Jim Cockrum at the helm.  My dad has shared with me over the years the possibility of starting a business online.  In one email that my dad forwarded to me it was a podcast with Ryan Reger.

I ordered Ryan's book and listened to the audio book.
The book is short and sweet and gave me hope and inspiration that this would be possible for me and my family.  Due to my Dad's encouragement and modeling, Sungshim and I believe and want to see Zachariah & Zoe start an online business before they graduate high school.

Part of this journey is building relationships with people we can learn from.  Ryan is a great guy who seeks to share what he has learned. 

We had a lot of fun in this conversation.  And, we integrate how God can speak to us and lead us.  May you be blessed and inspired to take action on what God has put in your heart.

Remember, you are loved!

Ryan Reger

"What if God could use me to teach people to dream again and become financially free?"

This is what I wrote in my journal in September of 2009. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people create multiple streams of income.
I want to help YOU too!

Let me help YOU create multiple streams of income!

Check out Ryan's website for more info. 

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