Presence And Practice

Unhindered Abundance Part 1 - Ken Baugh

March 03, 2021 John + Sungshim Loppnow
Presence And Practice
Unhindered Abundance Part 1 - Ken Baugh
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020 Unhindered Abundance

Do you feel stuck in your faith, like you’re just not making progress in the Christian life?

It’s discouraging because you’re really trying to do all the right things—you read your Bible, pray, and go to church—but nothing seems to change, at least not in any lasting way. You still find it hard to be patient while standing in line, you still lose it when someone cuts you off while driving, you still feel anxious about the future, and you have regrets about the past. The truth is, no matter how sincere you are about your faith, or how hard you try to follow Jesus, lasting change just seems like a pipedream.

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