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Personality Isn't Permanent - A conversation with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

June 16, 2020 John + Sungshim Loppnow
Presence And Practice
Personality Isn't Permanent - A conversation with Dr. Benjamin Hardy
Show Notes

011 - You are going really like this conversation.  Chock full of hope.

On March 6, 2020 I had a Zoom conversation with Dr. Benjamin Hardy.  I wanted to support Dr. Hardy in getting the word out about the ideas in his book Personality Isn’t Permanent

Take a listen as we had a meaningful, fun conversation.  I feel like Ben is my brother.  Check it out for yourself. 

Psychologist and bestselling author Benjamin Hardy, PhD, debunks the pervasive myths about personality that prevent us from learning—and provides bold strategies for personal transformation


In Personality Isn’t Permanent, Dr. Benjamin Hardy draws on psychological research to demolish the popular misconception that personality—a person’s consistent attitudes and behaviors—is innate and unchanging. Hardy liberates us from the limiting belief that our “true selves” are to be discovered, and shows how we can intentionally create our desired selves and achieve amazing goals instead. He offers practical, science-based advice to for personal-reinvention.  [From Amazon’s description]

Medium Blog where I discovered Benjamin Hardy

Personality Isn’t Permanent -

Gaping Void - Career Hierarchy  

Foster All

Sungshim and I attended a Gala to raise awareness and money for Foster All.  Thanks to Anne Bierling  

The Body Keeps The Score  - Basel ven der Kolk  

Trauma keeps a personality frozen. 

Trauma shatters imagination. 

Gabor Mate  

Personality is a way to cope with trauma. 

SOME NOTES from the episode 

Hope Theory - You can’t have hope without a different or better future. 

Expectancy theory - You can’t have motivation without a clear goal and path to get there. 

Imagination is the key to learning. 

You can’t learn without imagination.   

“Mental flexibility is the basis of imagination” - Basel ven der Kolk  

“If you really want a goal, you better start telling it to everybody.” 

“People don’t typically admit what they want.” 

A fixed mindset often comes from trauma and leads to a fear of failure. 

The more honest and explicit you are the more your environment (people) will support or oppose it. 

I think identity is far more important than personality.  Personality flows out of our identity. 

Fasting is amazing

Fasting is like prayer on steroids.  

A personality typing system helps create an identity and removes a lot of ambiguity.  

…can limit yourself from imaging a future self. 

“They set goals to confirm the label.” 

Want to become like Christ? 

Define that reality, go for it! 

Let's do it together.

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